Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) is a law that was enacted by Congress on December 18, 1971. This legislation was a land claims settlement that entitled Alaska Natives to receive 43.7 million acres of land and monies totaling $962.5 million in compensation for the extinguishment of any claims to additional lands based on aboriginal title. ANCSA is the most important legislation for Alaska since statehood.

ANCSA created 12 land-based regional corporations and 220 village corporations for Alaska Natives. Each corporation was granted a land entitlement, which included the surface and subsurface estate, and monetary compensation based on several factors. These factors included region, common heritage, village population size, and traditional use and occupancy.

Of the 43.7 million acres, Doyon, Limited is entitled to 12.5 million acres, making it the largest private landowner in Alaska and one of the largest private landowners in North America.

The following ANCSA land has been conveyed to Doyon, Limited thus far:

Surface & Subsurface Estate (Fee Owned):
Approximately 7.8 million acres

Subsurface Estate Only (Subsurface Under Village Corporation Owned Land):
Approximately 3.6 million acres

Total Conveyed to Date:
Approximately 11.4 million acres
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For more information on ANCSA, visit the University of Alaska Fairbanks website.


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